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My interest in electronic music, interestingly enough, predates my interest in popular music. I delved into the music of Varèse and Stockhausen before I discovered how interesting the Beatles had become. Apart from some early piano pieces, my first serious efforts in composition were electronic works, and I have continued off and on creating electronic music ever since. There is enough material now for at least a few CDs of music. Click on the album covers below for more information. (Click on the synth picture above for a hi-res image, 780x667, 116K)

The term "electro-acoustic music" has been getting increasing use in recent decades. It is often used interchangeably with "electronic music" but in fact the two terms can indicate an interesting distinction: in electronic music, the sounds are usually entirely synthetic (such as the waveforms produced by oscillators) whereas in electro-acoustic music the sounds can be of natural origin as well as synthetic. Since my compositions since 1989 have made increasing use of natural sound sources (often altered beyond recognition), I felt it was appropriate to use the second term for my second electronic CD. (Click on the right-hand cover, below, for more information.)

Whatever one calls this music, it should be noted that its style—at least in my case—is very abstract and spaced-out sounding!

Cover of "electronic music by o. powers" Cover of "electro-acoustic music by o. powers"

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