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I’ve been writing songs for over thirty years. When I started it was just me and a guitar or piano, but my interest quickly moved into arranging and recording.

This brought me to “overdubbing” different instruments and vocals, and over the years I finally got to the point where my recordings weren’t sounding too shabby.

My first overdubs—unfit for human audition—were done on some salvage-grade gear I cobbled together, but eventually I acquired my trusty 8-track analog reel-to-reel, and really got going recording my songs.

I still have the 8-track and it is still running, on its second belt and its third pinch roller. But I do most of my recording now on my iMac in high resolution digital.

Whatever the technology, it allowed me to make these albums entirely on my own and exactly the way I wanted them to be, at least within my abilities.

And now here they are for you to enjoy: direct from me to you.

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THE NEWEST ADDITION—with the green cover—is finally here!!!! (Took long enough.)

          Myself, and I" CD cover     "Surfing
          the Soundwaves" CD cover     "Good Day
          Dark Side" CD cover

 "Long Hard Climb" CD cover     "Unnecessary Songs" CD cover

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