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This site is an overview of the varieties of music I have been creating over the years.
Pop/rock, alternative, electronic & electro-acoustic music, contemporary instrumental music, recorder music—it’s all here.
I've added some sound samples here and there, with more to come.
Thanks for stopping by.


Dr. Theorem in. . . “The Atomic Man”

Be watching for the YouTube release of this new Dr. Theorem video

Image from video of
                  "The Atomic Man"


My last most recent upload is a video that sets astronomical images such as those

from the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes to electronic music.

Click images or here to to straight to YouTube to see “A Voyage through the Universe”

Image from video "A
                    Voyage through the Universe"     image 2 from "A Voyage
                    through the Universe"

Click images or here to go straight to YouTube to see Dr. Theorem in “Television”

image 1 from video
                    "Television"     image 2 from video

Click images or here to go straight to YouTube to see Dr. Theorem in “Spock’s Brain”

Image 1 from Video of
                      "Spock's Brain"     image 2 from video
                      "Spock's Brain"

RECENT PERFORMANCES  — with YouTube videos

Electronic Music

Alt Rock—Dr. Theorem

Acoustic Compositions


About my grandfather:   Ollie L. PowersChicago Entertainer & Jazz Musician, 1886-1928

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