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  1. You Are the One
    1. Combo organ cheerfully kicks off a straightforward rock love song.
  2. She Won’t Let Go
    1. Mandolins, kick drum and snare, vocals and whistling provide a catchy pop tune like they used to make.
  3. All I Know
    1. Somehow a down-home backwoods affair with acoustic guitars, vocals, and harmonica, concerning the fact that a man cannot necessarily read the mind of a woman, much as they feel we ought to be able to.
  4. Sea Girl
    1. A seaside ballad on soft swirling guitars about an imaginary love.  This song features the accompaniment of the real ocean (Pacific), which I recorded in stereo one afternoon.
  5. Some Tea Leaves
    1. Harpsichord (synth), bass, percussion and vocals sing an amazingly childlike song about reality. Really, who cares what they think to be reality?
  6. Do You Know
    1. A song that has a folk feel, Do You Know features vocals, acoustic guitars and double-tracked violin, to ask the question, “Do you know I love you?”
  7. Starsong
    1. Soft electric guitars in gentle echo accompany soft acoustic vocals—in yet another love song, the music of which I actually wrote first as a piano piece when I was 12 or 14!
  8. I’ll Do It
    1. Whatever you want, that is. It seems we have another love song here, this time energetic and positive in outlook, with happy vocals,  pulsing synth, bass, and electric guitar. Not recommended for the tragically hip.
  9. Nothing
    1. A little Nothing that I threw together one day when I was in a mood to see how much I could accomplish using just my voice. (I did this before anyone ever heard of “Don't Worry, Be Happy,” believe it or not.) There is vocal percussion, vocal “guitar” parts, vocal background vocals (well, of course), and vocal vocals. The song is shorter than this description.
  10. Song
    1. As a counterpart to the above, this Song was done entirely with a Roland Juno-60 synthesizer. The main melody of this short tune was played in a sound meant to imitate the classic French electronic instrument, the Ondes Martenot, which was invented in 1928.  See an Ondes Martenot demo HERE.
  11. Where Are We Going
    1. A sort of Talking Heads-influenced ditty, with electric guitars, bass, drums, vocals, and an imitation (sincere flattery variety) Hammond organ sound.
  12. Cerisa
    1. Acoustic guitars are featured in this song about the cycle of birth and death of a love affair. Add vocals, bass, and a fuzzy electric solo, and you have the complete mix.
  13. Man Hunt
    1. I met a girl once whose license plate said MAN HUNT, so I wrote this cruising rocker. Vocals with electric guitars, bass and drums. (The rock essentials.)
  14. She’s Gone
    1. Soft acoustic guitars are joined by a poignant vocal, then on top of those are added a bass, synth harpsichord and non-synth shaker. (Musicians should notice how many different divisions of six are happening simultaneously.)
  15. Love and Joy
    1. A spaced-out song for a new-born child, mostly created on Juno-60.
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