Here are additional images of Ollie L. Powers,

his wife Jeanette (née Mabrey), and his son Ollie Milton (my Dad!),

and the only photogaph known to me of the Ollie Powers Harmony Syncopators.

                of Jeanette Powers 2nd
                image of Ollie L. Powers

Jeanette Powers

Ollie L. Powers

Image of Jeanette
                  Powers and son Ollie Milton
Image of OLP holding son

Jeanette Powers and son Ollie M.

ca. 1926 or 1927

Ollie L. Powers and infant son Ollie M.

ca. 1924
                of the Ollie Powers Harmony Syncopators


The Ollie Powers Harmony Syncopators, playing at the Vendome Theater, most likely around 1923.

This photo was published in Destination Chicago Jazz, by Sandor Demlinger and John Steiner (Charleston, Arcadia Publishing, 2003), p. 16.
It is an enormously improved reproduction over the only previous available version known to me, which appeared in
A Pictorial History of Jazz: People and Places from New Orleans to Modern Jazz, by Orrin Keepnews and Bill Grauer, Jr. (New York: Crown Publishers, 1955), p. 37
Many thanks to Brian Goggin for alerting me to this much more detailed rendering!
Previously, it was thought that this photo was taken at the Dreamland Café, which was one of the venues in which the Ollie Powers Harmony Syncopators played.
 However, another photo identified as the Dreamland (here) shows a very different background. The railing, on the other hand, is nearly identical, perhaps leading to the confusion.

Since the two sides Ollie Powers recorded for Paramount a month apart in 1923 had entirely different personnel (Brian Rust: Jazz Records 1897-1942, 4th ed., p.1245), it is not certain exactly who is present in this picture--with the exception of Ollie Powers, behind the drums.  However, from comparison with other available photographs it does appear that the pianist is Glover Compton.  Brian Goggin writes also that it is definitely Tommy Ladnier on cornet.  This then leaves us with the following:

Possibilities: PIANO: Glover Compton; BANJO: John Basley or Mike McKendrick; CLARINET: Jimmie Noone (most likely) or Stump Evans; TUBA: William “Bass” Moore; SAXOPHONE: Horace Diemer; CORNET: Tommy Ladnier; TROMBONE: Eddie Vincent or Preston Jackson.

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