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There's a band from Tennessee called Boy Genius. They put out a CD called "Last Grand Experiment" on the Tommy Boy label (TBCD 1256, 1998).
Then there's a Boy Genius in Preston, UK that started in 2008.
And a Boy Genius in Brooklyn, NY, with a debut album from that same year.
The writing is on the wall; no longer will my material be known by that name.

The name is now:

Dr. Theorem

However, as a point of historical fact,
we performed live under the name Boy Genius
in the Southern California area during the years 1983 to 1990,
and here is a photo gallery of some of our appearances.

Photo 1 of band
          Boy genius
Live at Ventura College, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 1983. 
Drums - Dave   Guitar - Mark    Guitar/Keyboard/Lead vocals - OP    Bass - Mike


photo 2 of band
          Boy Genius
At the Ventura County Fair Talent Showcase, as a trio, Monday, Oct. 1, 1984.
Drums - Dave    Guitar - Mark     Keyboards/Lead vocals - OP

photo 3 of band Boy Genius

At Ventura College in a new trio, Wednesday, May 8, 1985.
Guitar/Keyboard/lead vocals - OP     Drums - Dave    Bass/guitar - Peter

photo 4 of band Boy Genius

At Charlie's, in Ventura (R.I.P.; it's gone now), with an all-new lineup, probably Tues., Dec. 6, 1988.
(We also played there once in January and twice in February 1989.)
Drums - Robert     Guitar/lead vocals - OP     Bass/vocals/guitar - Eric I    Keyboards/guitar/vocals - Eric II

photo 5 of band Boy Genius

At Madame Wong's West in Santa Monica, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 1990.
(This was our last performance.)
Keyboards/guitar/vocals - Eric II    Guitar/lead vocals - OP     Drums - Robert    Bass/vocals - Eric I

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